Ideas For How You Can Use Your New Mobile App

What The Push?

One of the most effective ways to get information to your customers is by providing notifications called a “push” to your mobile app.  To put the effectiveness of a push into perspective, some experts say that it is close to 10x more likely to get read than an e-mail.  Your business can use pushes to

  • Tell your customers about a sale
  • Let them know that a new article has been posted to your blog or fb fan page
  • Inform them of special promotional events

This is just a small sample of what can be accomplished with your business mobile app!

Highlight The Important Things

  • Use your mobile app to showcase a new feature, product, or service from your business.
  • You can incorporate payment portals directly within your mobile app to get your customer to purchase right away.

Make Your Business Easily Accessable

Allow your customers to engage and find you quickly by

  • Including turn by turn navigation to your business
  • Setting up one tap calling to your business
  • Integrating social media

Mobile App Design

mobile appsWith the unstoppable rise of smartphones and tablets, unprecedented opportunities have made themselves available to businesses.  A major, untapped opportunity is by having a mobile app created for your business.  A mobile app allows your business to not only have a deeper level of engagement with your customer.  It also provides a distinct way of differentiating your business from your competitor.

To see what your can do  with your new mobile app, please see the section “Ideas For How You Can Use Your New Mobile App”.