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How BizVintage Can Enhance Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook engagement services

  • Save time and allow our company to make engaging post to your fb business page

Facebook surveys and polls

Surveys and polls can be used to

  • Learn what your fans want from your business
  • Create engaging conversation points
  • Create contests and enhance social sharing of your content

Facebook coupons

Use Coupons

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase traffic to your store and/or website
  • Increase fb engagement

e-mail collecting

E-mail Collection with fb allows you to

  • Always keep in touch with your fans
  • Smart backup in case you lose your fb page

Wide Range of Web Services

fb image

Facebook marketing is more than making posts to your business fan page.  While engagement is very important with your Facebook business page, there is more that can be done on that platform.  Facebook can be used to sell services and products (with  payment portal inside of fb!), increase customer loyalty by providing Facebook ready coupons, and much more.  Please look under in are titled “How BizVintage Can Enhance Your Facebook Marketing”